MHealthCoach releases The key to digital engagement 

Care Apps

Digital engagement and communication
for Healthcare and Wellness.

Provide high-end experiences for digital care 

answering to health and wellness user engagement needs.

We can accelerate
patient engagement projects.

Product Expertise

Go beyond features and backlogs and emphasize a broader look at great user experiences and outcomes.

Cloud or OnPremise

The apps can be hosted on our secure cloud with immediate access credentials and no IT setup, or moved to your organization's secure cloud.

Deployment Support

Our U.S based support team will onboard your staff within 1 hour to start using the digital platform.

HIPAA Compliant.

Top security and compliance with the HIPAA legislation.

CDC Compliant

Our solution follows guidelines of CDC - don't miss these important new laws!

Easy to Use

Our solution is simple to use, even for those without much tech knowledge.

Our development

per your brand needs


Functional flows

Care models

Engagement models


Intelligence to deliver the right information, to the right patient, at right time.


Digitally manage care models with updates to all stakeholders.


Out of the box reporting templates for manufacturing and regulatory organizations.


Easily meet public and private payor compliance requirements.



Support patients with educational material according to their treatment pathway, encouraging self-care and avoiding confusion and treatment lapses.


Key health indicator trackers, reminders to help reach health and wellness goals, and tools to encourage patient and family caregiver involvement.

Capture consents and releases and stay on top of complex case management with personalized workflows , automation and virtual assistant routines, to ensure a smooth customer and employee journey throughout the care experience.

Mobile devices cameras are used as scanners to capture complete and error free information, in a way that is painless, fast, and without data entry from the health care staff. Ensuring the essential information to start therapy.

Digital onboarding processes according to therapeutic specifications, optimizing onboarding costs and effectiveness.


Location of funding sources for uninsured patients, prohibitively expensive co-pays, or uncovered meds by disease state and by medication name, with expiration alerts and intelligent information on availability, avoiding drug holidays due to lack of funds, and medication or therapy delays.


Automated ability to fill out forms of applications for funding and grants, simplifying these complex and lengthy processes and increasing the number of successful applications.

We use a combination of electronic and human services for validation and verification of licenses and credentials, to ensure the legitimacy of the users.


Availability of complete and reliable information regarding registration, insurance and medical history, all in one place and without the need for photo copying.


Secure two way messaging with personalized, timely and contextual communication with all stakeholders.

Secure patient scheduling of appointments for care and pharmacy services, improving efficiency and safety, and reducing noshows & cancelations .


Timely and appropriate follow-ups on treatment and medication intake, as well as appointment reminders to reduce missed care touch points and appointments.


Coaching tools to help patients learn how to take care of their health responsibly and achieve their health goals.



Peace of mind with machine learning based compliance. Our NLP models are trained for free form text and documents to help you detect compliance issues.

Steps to a Successful launch

Collaboratively define the solution

Configure the models per your organization

Personalize the platform for your brand

Soft launch, review, and recycle