MHealthCoach releases The key to digital engagement 

Optimal Care Scheduling

Intelligent Healthcare Appointments

Address healthcare staff shortages with technology.

Solve Challenges

Flawless appointment system with updates to all stakeholders.

Optimize Staff

Reduce time-spend on scheduling functions.

Offer Flexibility

Empower patients to easily self-schedule appointments.

Reduce No-shows

Increase appointment attendance and reduce cancelations.

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Smart Scheduling

Technology Platform

Built-in intelligence to optimize appointment scheduling with incremental slot awareness resulting in the most optimized clinic staff workload. The scheduling module handles dead appointment zones and no-shows in addition to handling walk-in flow.

Easy On-Boarding

Simple Solution, does not require any downloading. You can sign up today & start using it right away.

Scheduling Models

Scheduling at different levels:
● Private
● Team
● Office



To enterprise level, managing complex healthcare itineraries and scheduling configurable by :
● Region
● Location
● Department
● Service


Available for enterprise systems and large platforms.

Optimized Appointment Scheduling

Patients can see availability & easily book their appointment online.

Easy and secure communication pre and post appointment.

Consents and authorizations can be captured digitally.

Multiple levels of reporting for billing and compliance.