Onboarding & Intake

Digital Intake

Verification & Validation

Auto Fill Applications


Painless Intake

Mobile devices have powerful cameras that our technology uses as scanners to capture complete and error free information that is painless and fast.


Auto Apply

We have automated the process of filling out complex application on behalf of your customers for funding and grants.


Know Y Customers

We use a combination of electronic and human services for validation and verification of licenses , credentials of your consumers.


Insurance Card

The insurance information is essential to start of therapy and often patients have secondary or even terietray insurance. The mhealthcoach device-based scanning capabilities reduces missed information in insurance and eliminate the need for photo copying. This step also reduces the need for health care staff to data entry the insurance information for processing.


Find Rx Funds

In collaboration with the support team the solution will find sources of funding by disease state and by medication name including intelligent and pertinent information on availability of funding with expiration alerts so your patient can start therapy at their earliest and never be faced with drug holiday due to lack of funds. ‚Äč

Treat & Fund More Patients

Quick Access

Our platform does not require any downloading. Sign up today & start using it right away. Works on your desktop or on the go.

CDC Compliant

Our solution follows guidelines of CDC to get the workforce booming again - don't miss these important new laws!

Easy to use

Our solution is simple to use, even for those without much tech knowledge. Start your work safety program right away for your team.

Deployment support

Our U.S based support team will onboard your staff within 1 hour to start screening employees. Your team is unique & so is our solution.