MHealthCoach releases The key to digital engagement 

Foster adherence through stronger relationships

Patients engaged in continuum of care

Deliver better care by strengthening patient relationships.

Empower patient's engagement and personal care.

Effectively manage patient's care journey.

Plain CRM systems do not work 

for healthcare Patient Relationship Management.

CRM relationships are naturally transactional

CRM systems do not provide an complete view to all stakeholders

CRM paths do not fit into healthcare workflows and procedures

CRM metrics do not measure patient experience and optimal long-term health.

Over a decade of patient engagement research has magnified the need for contextual and personalized relationship management by the healthcare system.

Hub’s PRM Tools

Facilitate Patient Engagement and promote Service Utilization.

Appointment Scheduling

Two-Way Secure Messaging

Public aid PDF Forms

Reminders and notifications

PRM Dashboard

An Optimization Toolbox for Therapy Workflows 

to increase volume and service levels, reduce no-shows, and save staff time.


Empower your patients self-care with eMOTy Recovery.

Self care tools , available for FREE, to support patient journey in recovery.



A library of Resources for Care Coordination

Discover verified high value data to establish continuum of care.

From Providers, Rx trends, Patient Assistance Programs, Housing resources and more.

Strengthen your
patient relationships