MHealthCoach releases The key to digital engagement 

The science behind our solutions

The solutions run on a large enterprise grade platform built on an event based system utilizing messaging bus backbone. The business process and rules engines work in conjunction to filter and provide intelligence to the workflows. Recent versions use cutting edge machine learning models to engage consumers.

Natural Language Processing  – We utilize different combination of algorithms for supervised and unsupervised learning on health consumer interactions. 

we will love to share our findings.

Back-end principles

Clinical Pathways

Therapy specific functional models to define and derive care engagement

Enterprise platform

HIPAA, HiTrust and NIST based secure and scalable platform

Self-learning Rules

Smart engagement and processing self learning rules.

Integration Connection

Headless engine

Not an island solution

Flow of data is essential

Flexible formats

Multiple connector types


The researchers Behind Our Mission

The multi-disciplinary team of licensed physicians , pharmacists , statisticians and software engineers use behavioral engagement models to make self service and self help effective with an empathetic and personalized tone.

Kalsoom S.

A medical doctor that designs , collaborates and overseas the implementation of care therapies via technology. Passionate about using technology to improve patient engagement for higher care. Clinical Trials University of Chicago.

R&D is personal to us

A passionate research project of the team is the development of a Digital Assistant that can achieve an accuracy of 74% and higher in resolving service inquiries without requiring a phone call or a customer service rep intervention.

We are close to our benchmarks but need more data
to feed the algorithm for higher results.
The pursuit continues.

We are looking to further our partnerships with organizations involved in delivering services that are a multiple contacts/touch points for healthcare and wellness service delivery.

Voluntary benefit management

Employee benefit administration

Patient advocate services

Specialty Care