Virtual care, Triage & Rx


For efficiency, engagement & outcomes

mHealthCoach delivers value with meaningful, personal and trusted conversations. The interactive interface educates and motivates the patient about their therapy and medication, this provides a powerful new, automated, direct-to-patient channel that will improve adherence resulting in higher outcomes.
  • Direct patient engagement
  • Personalized value of medication
  • Higher medication adherence
  • Real-time support and guidance
  • Get patients to engage

    Online Patient Onboarding

    Make patient onboarding easy, online, personalized and pain free.

    Payment Authorizations

    Enable patients & responsible parties to set and authorize payment rules to avoid disruptions.

    Pharmacy Services On-Demand

    Provide easy online scheduling to patients of pharmacy services, optimize pharmacist time and increase revenue.

    Patient Communication

    Get patients to engage with value added personalized, contextual and timely outreach.


    For Health Systems and Prescriber Offices

    Now the Health systems can monitor, and engage with patients at scale. The conversational interactive interface is personalized to meet the therapy area focused by your organization. Out of box personalizations are available for post hospital discharge, pre/post-surgery and medication adherence.
  • Improved patient engagement and experience
  • Higher care coordination productivity
  • Deeper patient education and care plan adherence
  • Better health outcomes & cost savings

    Facilitate Gaps in Funding

    Prior authorization requirements and financial inability are great disruptors of essential care. This process is overused, costly, inefficient, opaque and responsible for patient care delays. We're taking a number of steps to reform access to medications:
  • Increasing transparency on requirements
  • Automating the process
  • Access to financial resources
  • Ensuring timely care for patients
  • How it Works

    Patient gets a new prescription

    The new prescription has a higher co-pay

    mHealthCoach has the payment processing authorization

    Medicine is dispensed the same day without any delay in start of therapy