Get Patients to Engage with Pharmacy Services

Positive Impact

Only 5 Pharmacy Tech


Increase in productivity

due to automation

Higher Service

with volume


A digital engagement platform for pharmacies

Our platform enables pharmacies to transform into patient centric organizations, using digital engagement and workflow automation to provide personalized and contextual service.

Get patients to engage

Online Onboarding

Make patient onboarding easy, online, personalized and pain free.

Medication Management

Ensuring effectiveness on medication intake, to avoid adverse or potentially dangerous side effects and ensure treatment adherence

Payment Authorizations

Enable patients & responsible parties to set and authorize payment rules to avoid disruptions.

RX Funding

Location of funding sources for uninsured patients, prohibitively expensive co-pays, or uncovered meds by disease state and by medication name, with expiration alerts and intelligent information on availability.

Pharmacy Services On-Demand

Provide easy online scheduling to patients of pharmacy services, optimize pharmacist time and increase revenue.

Patient Communication

Easy and secure communication with all stake holders with personalized, contextual and timely outreach to avoid any disruption in therapy and increase adherence and efficacy.

Digital Pharmacy

Automate Workflows

Integrate with Hubs

Seamless Patient Experience

Provide Transparency

An example on how it works

Patient gets a new prescription

The new prescription has a higher co-pay.

mHealthCoach has the payment processing authorization

Medicine is dispensed the same day without any delay in start of therapy