Finally a solution for pharmacies' sales process

mHealthCoach is the digital sales rep for your pharmacy’s marketing & sales needs.

mHealth Coach

Giving your pharmacy a competitive sales process resulting in more customers & increase in sales

Offer packaged services like reduced DIR Fees with robust MTM programs

Easily set up appointments for customers with built-in scheduling

Get document sign-off while you are on the phone with the customer, saving days of delay

Secure messaging to get authorization, consent, credit card info, insurance card copy

mHealthCoach For Your Pharmacy

Have digital sales rep work for your pharmacy & increase sales

Automated scheduling to obtain more appointments

Secure messaging to help customers virtually

Digital signatures for forms to get instant approval

Insights via dashboard to  sell more products

Insider Insights

Get a deep look by segmenting and targeting providers for increased script flow. Our deep insight engines aggregates information from all internet on the provider and their operational staff to increase the percent of engagement.

Want to gain more customers?

Why lose time struggling with a non-optimized sales process when you can have a smart solution instead? With mHealthCoach digital sales rep you can kick off your effective sales process today! The digital sales rep runs on deep insights & automation at all the right touchpoints.

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