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AI for Occupational Health

Technology for Employer Clinics

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Reduce No-Shows with AI

Smart Platform using AI insights to engage participants for higher service delivery completion. The platform selects the most optimal engagement channel, mode, frequency and message to increase participation.

Appointment Scheduling

Text and web scheduling

Personalized scheduling by appointment type to streamline staffing and eligibility.

Increase Referrals

Capture and identify primary care physician needs by the appointees, with easy contact sharing and follow ups.

Smart slot management

Appointment registrations get offers to earlier slots, helping with staff time optimization.


Smart reminders with pre appointment check in list for increased successful service completion.

Actionable reminders

Reminders customized by appointment type have actionable links to cancel and reschedule to reduce no-shows.

Service Journey

Logistic Mapping

The platform supports many service type appointments and is able to handle customized clinic logistics.

Take-away reports

Clinic sponsor specific disclaimers and consent can easily be setup as part of the clinic for releases and compliance.

Sponsor Portal

Every clinic has a customized portal with activity dashboards for the sponsor to stay in sync.

Employer Health

A de-identified report on the wellness of the organization is generated for a great leave behind and for next year's engagement.

Case Management

Keep a record of clients interactions and service usage while continuously engaging with automation and AI.

Flexible Scheduling

Intelligent slot management that fits work schedules and optimizes staff time and reduces participants time off to attend clinic.

Revenue Cycle

Payor Integration

Easily receive eligibility files from Payor partners and clinic sponsors.

Billable Data

Augmented files with details of service completed are sent back for billing purposes.

Platform Integration

The platform can initialize integrations with EMR and other systems for ease of data flow.


Reduce overhead and cancelations to maximum contract staff time utilization for higher service completion numbers.

Adress healthcare staff shortages

40% workload reduction in administrative and scheduling tasks with automation.

Our Clients

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Supported Appointment Types:

Blood screenings
Breath alcohol testing
Certification Classes

DOT exams Electrocardiograms (EKG) Ergonomic evaluations
Executive Summaries

Health Risk Assessments
Immunizations and flu shots
Laboratory screening
Mini health fairs

Pulmonary Function Testing (PFT)
Respiratory fit testing Urine drug screening