MHealthCoach releases The key to digital engagement 

Technology for
greater social impact

Exceptional and powerful software solutions 

to support Non profit and charities.

Have a Bigger impact connecting with community resources.

Foster engaging relationships and keep supporters committed.

Manage resources efficiently to do more with less.


Find community resources and support services. 

Grow your impact by connecting beneficiaries with resources and supporters.

with complete access to verified, regularly updated and high value data to establish continuum of care.

• Healthcare Providers.
• Rx trends.
• Behavioral Centers.
• Assistance Programs.
• Housing, Transportation and more.

Ensure successful service utilization.

Streamlined Referrals with closed loop systems to follow-up on service utilization and outcomes. ​


Find valuable support in the Community Network.

Stay ahead of the curve and exchange ideas and useful information trough a virtual network of nonprofit professionals.

Cultivate relationships with donors, supporters and beneficiaries.

Increase engagement by Integrating relationship management tools to your workflow.

• Digital Onboarding.
• Educational Material.
• Shareable Reporting.
• Standard Form Builder.
• Messaging Automation.


Optimize your biggest resource, time.

Robust Scheduling and volunteer management to orchestrate people effectively and keep them engaged.

Bi-directional calendar sync.
Simple rescheduling system.
• Real-time availability and notifications.
Alarms and automated reminders.

The NPO Benefits

No-Fee license​

Personal account

Reduce workload, amplify impact.

Eligible nonprofit professionals may access our platform free of charge on products specially design for social service. These licenses are permitted for all staff, including volunteers and temporary staff of an organization. 



Whether you have questions about features, trials, pricing, need a demo, or anything else you can set up an appointment with our project managers & consultants to discuss business needs, new project development, business partnerships, ongoing projects and more.

Eligibility check list

We partner with nonprofit organizations around the world, to help them solve global problems and generate positively impact.

Is your organization a nonprofit or non-governmental organization with recognized legal status in the respective country.


Does your mission to benefit the local community includes providing health services to the minorities; ensuring health care human rights; promoting self care and health education, .


In your organization there is no policy or mission of discrimination in hiring, compensation, promotion, termination, retirement, training, programs, activities, and/or services based on any condition or status.


Do your organization Values align with our values at mHealtCoach.


A digital solution

Suitable for any social mission

Public health


Hunger and Poverty

Vulnerable Groups

Disaster Relief

Animal Protection


Social Justice