Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Please confirm there is NOT a GPS tracker on it for contact tracing.

A: Correct, NO GPS Tracking


Q: Is this only available on a smartphone app or is it available on a computer for those who do not have smartphones?

A: It is available for any device with internet and web browser.


Q: What data is stored, how long it’s stored, where it’s stored?

A: In the HIPAA compliant secure cloud that is approved and used by mHealthCoach.


Q: Have you had any data breaches?

A: No, none. If and when such an incident happens we have robust procedures in place to inform the client ASAP and to collectively work on handling the damage. 


Q: Have your clients used this in multi-tenant locations?

A: Yes, the solution has ability to support multi-tenants. This base platform has been used by clients for over 5 years with hundreds of tenants requiring specific branding and messaging. It has been built with Platform As A Service in mind.


Q: How have your clients used this in large facilities?

A: Clients are using it for employee screening and also remote screening in-person scheduled appointments.


Q: Is the app GDPR compliant.

A: Yes


Q: Can you send a daily report of passes/fails across a population group? Can it be segmented by location?

A: We have a fairly robust and on-demand reporting capabilities. The reports have segmentation and filtering capabilities. We also the ability to send an email notification with secure link to access these reports as well as do secure ftp drops. Additionally, we have the capability to configure reports for specific needs.


Q: Are there integration options with badge swipe technology? 

A: Yes the platform has many REST API interfaces and our development team integrates with other vendors API’s quite frequently. Recently we integrated with Bluetooth Thermometer and are looking into Time clock punch integration.


Q: Is there any biometric data stored/collected? 

A: The Temperature is stored, this can be data field can turned on or off as a deployment configuration option

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