Have engaged and safe employees

mHealthCoach is on a mission to engage all digitally

Personalized Approach

Success to digital engagement lies in contextual and timely contact.

Value Time

Empower your consumer by valuing their time, offer online scheduling for easy access to your services.

Respect Choices

Capture attention and respect by offering choices on consent and information access authorizations.

Protect Communication

Offer secure communication and value privacy to address anxiety and concerns of ones being served.

A few areas we specialize in


Built-in smart credentialing module makes managing active and valid licenses a breeze with preemptive alerts and auto-checking features.

Survey Library

Stay engaged with your employees with our built-in survey library managed and licensed by Social Psychologists who specialize in workplace wellbeing.

Visitors & Vendors

Maintain a safe work environment with visitor vendor record management and screening.

COVID-19 Testing & Vaccines

"Regular Monitoring: As long as the employee doesn’t have a temperature or symptoms, they should self-monitor under the supervision of their employer’s occupational health program." - CDC


Manage Visitors and Vendors

Ensure the safety of your workplace by managing visitors and vendors symptom screening, vaccination and workplace safety guidelines. All visitors can easily pre-screen before entering the workplace and provide proof of vaccination.

Patient gets a new prescription

The new prescription has a higher co-pay

mHealthCoach holds credit card processing rules

Medication is dispensed the same day without voicemail abyss

“Hi Sara, Leaving this email as we are not able to fill your Father’s heart medication. Your Father, Mr Smith, new medication has a copay of $75 that needs to get settled. We sent an email two days ago on his email.” 

Joseph and his primary care taker, Sarah, can solve this issue easily with mHealthCoach Payment Authorization and Empathetic Patient Communication. Both features will allow Sarah to pick up Joseph’s scripts and be aware of pertinent information like payments due. mHealthCoach takes it even a step further to ensure the fluidity of transaction for patients like Joseph by setting up a schedule through Pharmacy Services On-Demand and Online Patient Onboarding. mHealthCoach removes the thought of “what if” when it comes to your loved ones pharmaceutical needs.

Without mHealthCoach module, Mr Smith will have delay in start of Therapy and frustration and anxiety for all.


Easy Credentialing

Built-in smart credentialing module makes managing active and David licenses a breeze with preemptive alerts and auto-checking features.

Defining Supervisor Responsabilities

Employee Performance Planning

Employee Conduct Expectations

Employee Misconduct Remediation

New Normal 

Rachel has transitioned to working from home per state mandate and her company’s COVID-19 precautions. Her partner although, is an essential worker so that leaves her home with her two dependent school children to assist throughout the work week. Rachel finds herself becoming overwhelmed with her work load and is slowly falling behind on her tasks at hand. She feels like she is alone in her stress and does not want to add on stress to her coworkers by sharing. This situation is turning into a never-ending cycle of catch up. Joanna, Rachel’s HR Manager, has not had communication with her since the transition to home. 

mHealthCoach engages work force

mHealthCoach Employee Engagement creates open channel of communication by engaging the workforce with non-intrusive and interactive tools. The module empowers HR to understand any distress the employee maybe experiencing. Our R&D data shows that a live pulse on employees through non-invasive weekly set of interactions avoid situations of employees falling behind in work deliverables and suffering with fatigue.

Without mHealthCoach module, Rachel may continue to underperform and eventually burn out in her career.


Stay Engaged with your Employee Force

Stay engaged with your employees by utilizing employee engaging surveys and questionnaires listed and maintained by licensed social psychologists.

Derek has been an employee at workingtoohard inc for over 10 years. He has been known to be a hard worker and the spark of his team around the corporate offices. During the new norm of working from home, Derek is having a hard time transitioning to the work environment. It is turning into a mental and emotional challenge. The challenge is affecting his performance that it is being noticed by his team lead. Joanna, a very hands on HR manager, is oblivious to Derek’s plight and not too long Derek’s situation escalates to a point that he turns in his resignation.   

mHealthCoach improves employee wellness

To be proactive and avoid situations like Derek and Joanna’s, the mHealthCoach wellness module allows employees to be interactive while maintaining confidentiality to help keep the equilibrium of mental and emotional wellness in this new challenging and changing work environment. 

The module is based on extensive R&D work by mHealthCoach and offers employees an opportunity to take moments of self reflection, utilize visualization tools to help get into a meditational state and much more.  The use of mHealthCoach module avoids situations like losing your key employees and keeps the HR personnel updated on the emotional health of their workforce. Contact us to find out more.

Without mHealthCoach module, Derek resigns from his position, causing the company to loose a valuable employee.

Decades of R&D make this possible

At all times we are actively engaged in R&D activities to better our offering. We utilize a cocktail of algorithms with machine learning frameworks for supervised and unsupervised learning on large data set of health consumer interactions. The results enable us to provide processing rules, personalized actions, automated functions and smart virtual assistant routines in our platform. Ask us how and we will love to share our findings.