HIPAA Compliant COVID-19 Employee Screening Solution

The COVID-19 Employee Screening has been created to help employeers keep their workplace & employees safe in this pandemic. We want to work together to put an end to Cornavirus.  Let’s keep your business safe!

Mitigate Your Workforce Risk

Quick Access

Our platform does not require any downloading. Sign up today & start using it right away. Works on your desktop or on the go.

CDC Compliant

Our solution follows guidelines of CDC to get the workforce booming again - don't miss these important new laws!

Easy to use

Our solution is simple to use, even for those without much tech knowledge. Start your work safety program right away for your team.

Deployment support

Our U.S based support team will onboard your staff within 1 hour to start screening employees. Your team is unique & so is our solution.

"Regular Monitoring: As long as the employee doesn’t have a temperature or symptoms, they should self-monitor under the supervision of their employer’s occupational health program." - CDC

Secure, Scalable, Configurable.

The COVID-19 employee screening solution runs on mHealthCoach HIPAA-compliant cloud, helps protect sensitive employee information

COVID19 Back To Work

Symptoms Screening and  Incident Reporting 

Keep track of employee health with self-screening questions for symptoms before they come to work

Quickly direct employee to available testing sites with easy appointment    scheduling

Virtual check-in with record keeping and escalation protocol for any at-risk employees

Secure two way messaging for you and your employee at anytime

How it Works

A simple & secure solution to protect everyone with daily symptoms screening and voluntary opted contact tracing.

Employee screens themselves easily for symptoms

Result provided as QR code, accessible by business at any time

All updates and activity available to manager 

Essential reporting and COVID-19 incident procedures

We're on a mission to help bring the labor force back to life

You can safely resume your businesses by implementing solutions for the safety of all. Our solution provides easy screening, available test sites and incident procedures with all essential reporting and documentation. Mitigate your risk & be prepared with our escalation protocol.

About mHealthCoach

mHealthCoach is a Chicago and New York based Software publisher of intelligent case management platform (since 2010)

A few of our partners:

"To Stave Off Economic Paralysis, We Must First Protect the Backbone. "

Schedule Test of mHealthCoach provides an organizational system for daily symptom screening, resources for employees who may be at risk, and reporting capabilities so that employers can act quickly if an incident occurs. “

MBE and SMB Offering

If you are a MBE or a SMB business with less than 21 employees, you qualify for our SMB version.

The SMB version provides small businesses with a secure, simple and easy to use employee daily symptom screening solution. The solution can be used via an iPhone App or mobile friendly website with robust reporting and administration. Fill out contact below to start protecting your business today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Please confirm there is NOT a GPS tracker on it for contact tracing.

A: Correct, NO GPS Tracking


Q: Is this only available on a smartphone app or is it available on a computer for those who do not have smartphones?

A: It is available for any device with internet and web browser.


Q: What data is stored, how long it’s stored, where it’s stored?

A: In the HIPAA compliant secure cloud that is approved and used by mHealthCoach.


Q: Have you had any data breaches?

A: No, none. If and when such an incident happens we have robust procedures in place to inform the client ASAP and to collectively work on handling the damage. 


Q: Have your clients used this in multi-tenant locations?

A: Yes, the solution has ability to support multi-tenants. This base platform has been used by clients for over 5 years with hundreds of tenants requiring specific branding and messaging. It has been built with Platform As A Service in mind.


Q: How have your clients used this in large facilities?

A: Clients are using it for employee screening and also remote screening in-person scheduled appointments.


Q: Is the app GDPR compliant.

A: Yes


Q: Can you send a daily report of passes/fails across a population group? Can it be segmented by location?

A: We have a fairly robust and on-demand reporting capabilities. The reports have segmentation and filtering capabilities. We also the ability to send an email notification with secure link to access these reports as well as do secure ftp drops. Additionally, we have the capability to configure reports for specific needs.


Q: Are there integration options with badge swipe technology? 

A: Yes the platform has many REST API interfaces and our development team integrates with other vendors API’s quite frequently. Recently we integrated with Bluetooth Thermometer and are looking into Time clock punch integration.


Q: Is there any biometric data stored/collected? 

A: The Temperature is stored, this can be data field can turned on or off as a deployment configuration option

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