MHealthCoach releases | The key to digital engagement 

More efficient use of technology at your disposal.

Provide better care, to more people

A right to have a variety of care options

Patients with the right to self-care.

The capacity to successfully handle caseloads.

The right to have a variety of care options

According to the World Bank, the housing, health care, and transport crisis could affect billions by 2025, so why join the league? We are allowing you to be different and covered.

Good referrals with closed-loop processes

To follow up on how much the service is appreciated and its overall benefits on your well-being. We never leave you in the dark or forget about you. This is why we do our best to assist you and remain in contact to see how things are going.

Same-second and same-day delivery.

If you despise waiting, especially waiting hours on end for any service. Then MHealth Coach has you covered.

Who said you didn’t have the right to self-care?

Digital technology is crucial for self-care. 

Digital tools are cost-effective and efficient in supporting and strengthening patients ability to engage in self-care, encouraging patients to monitor their health, make good health decisions and participate in treatment. 

Get the finest health and self-care tools for free

Take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime chance; it only comes once every blue moon.

The Case Management Modules

Most social workers are known to suffer from burnout. To prevent such happening, we have made the technology to keep the schedule and prevent you from stress or burnout.

Automated Research

Why not save the stress by automating your workflows and messages designed to help you (as a social worker or more) in all of your discharge processes?

Operational forms

Yes, you can quickly fill out the necessary forms in real time. And such forms range from clinical forms, mobile intake, and health risk assessment.


The practical scheduling function will automate critical reminders and future revisit dates. So, there’s no need to double-check.