Improving Patient
Care Transition

For Behavioral Health Centers

Ensure quality of care during the critical 30-day post discharge period.

Deliver better care by connecting patients with community resources.

Find support in the community with network access to peers.

Achieve effective and efficient transitions and continuum of care.


Find community resources and support services. 

Grow your impact by connecting patients with resources and supporters.

with complete access to verified, regularly updated and high value data to establish continuum of care.

• Rx trends.
• Patient Assistance Programs.
• Housing, Transportation and more.

Ensure successful service utilization.

Streamlined Referrals with closed loop systems to follow-up on service utilization and outcomes. ​


Find valuable support in the Community Network.

Stay up to date and exchange useful information about social work trough a virtual network of  professional peers.

Focus on what matters, automate the rest.

Automate steps in the process, with personalization for patient specific needs.

• Mobile intake.
• Clinical Forms.
• Standard Messaging.
• Health Risk Assessment.


Scheduling that works for you and your patients.

Solve scheduling problems with a tool that fits healthcare workflows.

Bi-directional calendar sync.
Simple rescheduling system.
• Real-time availability and notifications.
Alarms and automated reminders.

Reduce workload, amplify impact.

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