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Care Transition Challenges

For Behavioral Health Centers

Bridging the gap in post discharge care.

An interconnected discharge system

the right support to reduce workload and amplify impact.

Transitions are a shared responsibility

Discharge planning and execution is key to recovery in Behavioral Health patients.

We Interconnect the discharge system and engage all stakeholders through technology.  

To facilitate connection, coordination, and effective use of resources, providing Tools to automate and optimize the relationships involved in the discharge process and to ensure compliance with authorities and quality standards.


Patients moving from one health care provider or setting to another are a shared responsibility.

With the complexity, immediacy, and greater potential for error that a transition process carries, compliance and communication become key elements for successful patient handoffs. Technology can ensure all parties are involved in the process and have the right information quickly and easily to provide the best attention from each side.

Organizations working together to prevent setbacks.

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Reduce workload, amplify impact.

Our Integrated tools enable you to focus on impacting lives and deepening patient relationships while freeing you form tedious tasks.

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