MHealthCoach releases The key to digital engagement 

Digital Platform

For Behavioral Health Center


Addressing abandonment of service and no-show rates

AI derived identifiers for high risk of abandonment in patients

Proactively reach out identified patients to avoid drop in care and No-Shows

Share insights with staff members on high risk factors for active involvement

AI learnings from large data sets 

Address abandonment proactively.  

Our solution works on large sets of private and public data to identify patient with high risk of abandoning care, analysing variables such as social care needs.

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Proactive outreach.

Automated, Contextual, and personalized outreach to avoid drop of care in high risk patients.

-Voice call reminder

-Email reminders

-Confirmation via SMS text

Multiple outreach models personalized by care model and adjusted per high risk score.

Share insights with staff members

Share key information with members for proactive involvement of patients likely to experience adverse outcomes and service abandonment