MHealthCoach releases The key to digital engagement 


Digital Engagements

How it all started

The genesis of mHealthCoach started when we realized the lack of comprehension and engagement by patients for their care. Right at the start, we were very fortunate to partner with one of the key health research institutes based in La Jolla, CA addressing the need and challenge of engaging patients digitally. The resolution, to address heads-on the challenges of patient engagement is in our DNA.

In our decade long journey we have been successful in engaging all stakeholders in the care regimens of Oncology, Dementia, Immunology and Chronic care.

Our approach is dedicated

The founders are very active and hands-on with all aspects of the operations, they continue the pursuit of digital engagements with the same zealousness and vigor of the founding day, in the Fall of 2010.

Aamer Ghaffar


Technology entrepreneur and data scientist with academic focus on natural language processing. Experienced in insurance , pharmacy and benefits vertical. NYU Stern Alumni.

Kalsoom S. M.D


Passionate about using technology to improve patient engagement for higher care. Clinical Trials University of Chicago.

Imran Ahmed


Large scale systems technologist with deep expertise in regulatory and compliance systems. Experienced in insurance and financial systems. MSc Software Engineering DePaul University.

A passionate and productive group of individuals

From COVID Screenings, wellness checks, and delivery of prescriptions, managed digital care and more, we create digital solutions to make advocates and patient’s lives easier.

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How We Work

who we serve

Product Expertise

Go beyond features and backlogs and emphasize a broader look at great user experiences and outcomes.



R&D is personal to us, we research and incubate new technological concepts around business challenges.



We strive to be a strategic partner and an asset to reach collective goals.



Whether you need first-rate talent to fill in skill gaps or take up your project at any stage.

Our guiding principles

Models without utilization are just an exercise of mental floss.

Avoid analysis paralysis.

Multi-disciplinary teams solve real problems.

Automation is the low hanging fruit in efficiency.

Machine learning is not the solution to everything.

Our Partners

We highly value each and every partnership and are proud to count multiple medical centers, research institutes, manufacturers and pharmacies as our partners.